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“Arkwright writes in a lean, taut prose that pushes the plot forward at a rapid pace. The premise is compelling, and the reader becomes quickly engrossed in the mysteries contained within the pyramid…fans of the genre should be entertained by this action story set in one of the world’s remotest regions…he proceeds to tell a suitably swashbuckling tale.” — Kirkus Reviews


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What's With The Titles?

Titles can be harder than you think! You work for three years to finish a book and then the pressure is on to come up with a catchy title and cover to get a reader's attention in a couple of seconds. In the crowded genre market, you also need to find something that hasn't been used many times before. "Sub-Sahara", I felt, described enough of what the book was about, while still leaving enough intrigue to leave people wanting to know more.

What Have You Got Planned Next?

Another thriller. Different characters, this one set in the oil industry. It's already in the planning stage

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