A freak storm reveals a city hidden deep under the largest sand dunes of the Sahara.


A silver pyramid at the centre of the city is emitting a strange energy signal.


The race is on to secure the energy source and other treasures of the city.


James Cavill and his team of private Special Forces are charged to get there first and secure the treasure for the benefit of all humanity - little do they know what they've just walked into…

Chapter 1

Light entered the chamber for the first time in six millennia.

‘We’re through!’ Mike Baker yelled. ‘Rebecca, we’re through!’

Rebecca Grainger moved quickly to view the hole Mike had made with his hammer and chisel.

‘You punched through into nothing?’ Rebecca asked.

‘Yeah. Chisel just went straight through,’ Mike said.

‘Can you widen it enough to get a look in there?’ Rebecca asked.

‘Sure. Give me five minutes,’ Mike said.

‘Make it a quick five minutes.’ She was grinning now. ‘There’s nothing more impatient than a team of archaeologists on the verge of a major discovery. I’ll round up the rest of the glory hunters.’

Rebecca backed away from Mike in the enclosed space at the bottom of the well shaft and unclipped the palm-sized radio attached to her belt.

‘Phil, find Tina,’ she said into the radio. ‘Both of you get down here now. We think there’s a chamber under the well shaft. Mike has just broken through.’

‘Really?’ Phil Cranmer’s voice crackled over the radio. ‘That’s awesome. We’ll be right down.’

There was a pause.

‘Rebecca, there’s something else I was about to call you about. We have a problem up here. All the local helpers just jumped into one of the trucks and took off,’ Phil said.

Rebecca’s face darkened in the artificial light at the bottom of the well.

‘What the hell do you mean “took off”? Where to? Without them, the operation is dead,’ she said.

‘I couldn’t get any sense out of them. They were suddenly scrambling around like mad men collecting their things and jumping into their truck. They wouldn’t stop to explain. The only thing the lead guide said was that “the winds aren’t right.” He said if they stayed, they’d die, and we all had to leave now,’ Phil explained.

‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ Rebecca said. ‘I checked the weather this morning. There aren’t any conditions forecast that could cause a sandstorm. That storm in the south isn’t coming near us.’

‘That’s why it’s weird,’ Phil said. ‘There are now only the ten of us left on the dig site.’

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